Vagina waxing
Waxing your vagina

Wаxing уоur vagіna аnd ѕurroundіng areаѕ iѕ aсtuаllу a hуgienic рrаctіce, аs pubic hаir cаn trар sweat and bаcteria. Yоu’ll not only lооk better in а bіkini or thоng, but actually feеl сlеаnеr and mоre comfortablе. Unlike ѕhаving, wаxіng wоn’t give you thаt unsightlу, іtсhy stubble after оnlу a fеw dаys. When уоu wax, уоu cаn bid уour hаіr goоdbуе fоr upwаrdѕ оf two weеkѕ. And whеn іt doeѕ grоw back, it wіll be thinner and finеr thаn before.

The first waxing is generally the most uncomfortable, but your body builds up a tolerance as you keep at it. You’re bound to learn some tips and tricks to minimize the pain the longer you do it. You’ll learn the value of exfoliating and moisturizing your nether regions during and after each shower to get softer hair that’s easier to pull out. You’ll learn that any type of activity that irritates the skin is a no-no immediately before and after a waxing session. You’ll also figure out why it is that women shouldn’t really be getting a wax down there the week leading up to and immediately following their periods (Hint: It’s all about heightened sensitivity).

It’s good to take an over-the-counter painkiller such as aspirin or ibuprofen an hour before your waxing session. Numbing creams containing lidocaine are also great, provided that you’re not allergic. Make sure that your hair isn’t too short (at least a quarter of an inch long) and that you’re wearing comfortable, easy-to-wash clothes and underwear before you head to the salon.

Once you’re ready, your cosmetologist will spread the wax over a small section of your pubic region. Salons typically prefer hard wax for vagina waxing. These waxes shrink-wrap around the follicle for a more effective grip and a less painful pull. Hard wax is easier for them to work with, as it doesn’t require a strip of muslin for removal, unlike liquid wax. Try to relax; the tenser you are, the more resistant your hair follicles tend to be. You’ll have to shift positions occasionally and sometimes help your cosmetologist hold your skin taut. Your hair will be ripped out by sections, starting from the outside. When you’re done, a soothing cream or solution will be applied all over the waxed area.

Expect a vagina waxing to cost you anywhere from $25 to $100. If you’re the do-it-yourself sort, you can get a home waxing kit for about $25 (single-use) to $75 (professional kit, good for multiple sessions). Never do a DIY job without first consulting a professional, and take care that you follow all the instructions to the dot.

A vagina wax can be anything from a simple bikini line grooming (American wax) to a full, bare-it-all Brazilian. Styles in the middle include the French wax, which leaves you with a landing strip of groomed hair, and a Playboy wax, which is similar to the French but includes the bum area.

Whatever your preference be, keep in mind that vagina waxing is about more than just aesthetics. For safety as well as for the best results, do your research and carefully put what you learn into regular practice. vagina wax

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